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When it comes to the safety of the dogs when it is on a boat, the most important item to consider is the life jackets. At times, it seems that dogs have native ability to swim, yet most dogs just don’t take a risk with water. Life jackets for dogs are the best idea for the dogs that love water.

Hello, everyone, I Jess pride myself as a  women entrepreneur! My brother has helped in numerous ways to support my dream and he actually owed me a huge favor when I helped give out a small business loan to start up his tow truck service company out in Texas. Let’s just say that he owed his little sis big time! With my big brother’s help, I have opened an online site for dogs (which are also called as an aqua dog life vest). Well, let me tell you something from my experience. It’s not so easy to find a suitable life jacket for your dog. There are a number of things to consider based on your dog type.

I generally focus on quality and service of the product

Does your dog jump in the water? Is it too heavy? Will your dog lie down or stay active? If possible I would suggest you to take your dog to your nearest outlet and try out with the jacket to see how perfectly it fits and how hard it is to get a perfect fit. Buy the one with little foam because life jacket with more foam in the wrong place can make the dog uncomfortable and make it impossible for the dog to move freely.

One of the most important features which I have found out universally is the lifting handle/strap and it is universally very important. Have you ever tried to pick up a dog which is swimming? In such a case, a lifting handle, make the task of handling the dog much easier. If your pet dog requires leash, then I would suggest having a ring on its collar which is also considered as one of the most important features. Some of the most important safety features are a jacket made out of bright colors and a reflective tape in order to make it quite easier to find a dog in water in adverse situations.

Life jacket for dogs give more enjoyable experience to the dog and it will become more apt to jump in its own time. Obviously, it takes a little time for your dog to get adjusted to a life jacket. Give it its own time before it is allowed to move into water.

You can get dog life jackets of various styles, colors, and sizes at our store. The most tips to consider is, measure the base of the dog neck and also it’s ending near the tail for perfect sizing and most comfortable fit.


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Hi my name is Jess, I started my online store which sells life vests for dogs. Being an entrepreneur I focus on business ethics. Canine life jackets are usually used for the similar reasons which a personal floatation device is used for a child. It will help to keep the pets safe around the beach, on a boat or at the beach. I know this makes you wonder, but it is true. The following are some of the points that you should consider:-

  • Older dogs and young puppies don’t have stamina in order to keep their heads above the water.
  • A few dogs, especially the breeds with a low body fat, do not perform well in the water. So these dogs may require an extra buoyancy which a life vest or jacket offers
  • Any dog may face problems with the large waves or if he falls out of the boat. In this case, the PDF offer the easiest way for the dog owners in order to grab the dog and pull the dog back into the boat

Let us know different types of PFD’s for Dogs which I sell online

There are 2 types of PFD’s for dogs that are the life vest and the life jacket

Life Vests

You know, the Dog life vests are the best thing for the dogs when they are swimming. If you take the dog to a swimming pool for rehabilitation or exercise, a life vest is essential. It offers extra confidence and buoyancy so that your dog can perform more exercise without any struggle. Ensure that, the vests are best in order to use when you can continuously supervise your dog. Dog life jackets are essential for some time because every second you can’t watch the dogs, like when you are boating. So it is a must for your beloved pet.

Life Jackets I prefer

The life jackets for the dogs will cover more area. It is intended in order to offer buoyancy and visibility. This kind of PFD is good for the dogs at the beach or in a boat. In case, if your dog falls or jumps overboard or it gets caught in a current, then this life jacket helps him stay afloat until you rescue him.

These life jackets are available in designer colors, brighter colors are the best that can make a dog in the water easier to identify from the shore or a boat. This jacket contains a handle at the back, which makes easy in order to lift your pet out of the water once you have reach

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Hey everybody and welcome to aqua dog life vest! We are super excited to bring you this wonderful product to you and your pets and we hope to be hearing from you soon. Please excuse the website… We are just in the beginning stages and its only going to get better from here on out!

This site is also a complementary blog site in which I interact with all my customers and would appreciate any feedback that you may have. Please give me a shout out at aquadog@gmail.com and we shall get back with you as soon as possible. Thank You again for visiting and keep you posted very soon!


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